Professor / Literary, Film & Cultural Critic / Editor / Writer



I graduated with two BAs in English and Hispanic Philology at the University of Cádiz, where I later received my first Ph.D. in Comparative U.S. Latino Studies with distinctions. Whilst I was graduating, I studied abroad at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom and I was an instructor of Spanish and non-degree seeking student at Amherst College in the United States. I later received my second Ph.D. in Peninsular Studies at the University of Kentucky. I am currently a visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish at Western Oregon University, Editor of Nuestra Andalucía, an external reviewer for academic journals, Founding Director and Presenter of the Persona, Personae Interview Series Project and Community Outreach Project Director.

My research is interdisciplinary by nature. I specialize in contemporary literature, film, and culture in the fields of both U.S. Latino Studies and Peninsular Studies. I am interested in understanding how the structures of difference and the processes of legitimization operate and replicate in society. The goal of my research is to contribute to our understanding of the role of cultural forms regarding racial signifying practices and the formation of identities. In the long term, my objective is to establish a bridge between my two fields of specialization towards the study of white structures within the context of global Hispanism in order to inform Whiteness Studies from a different cultural angle, thus providing the discipline with a transnational passage towards a better understanding of the processes of white racial formation, their historical strategies and their cultural forms of structural power.