Professor / Literary, Film & Cultural Critic / Editor / Writer






T-R 12-2 p.m. or by appointment




  • Span 317: Spanish Language & Literature for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers
  • Span 320: Business Spanish



  • Span 102: Elementary Spanish
  • Span 318: Spanish Language & Literature for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers
  • Span 360: Introduction to Hispanic Literature



  • Span 303: Intermediate Spanish Language, Third Year Spanish
  • Span 319: Spanish Language & Literature for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers




I have over fifteen years of experience teaching a wide variety of courses of language, literature, film in Spanish and English in Spain, England and the United States. After teaching Spanish at Amherst College, I was an instructor of Spanish at the University of Kentucky for for years teaching Spanish elementary to intermediate courses as well as courses such as Spanish for Business Professionals, Spanish and Latin American Business Environments and Spanish Composition through Textual Analysis.

I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Western Oregon University where I teach Spanish Composition and Conversation, Spanish Language and Literature for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers, Introduction to Hispanic Literature, Introduction to Translation and Interpreting and Spanish Language Practicum among other courses of language, literature and Spanish for the professions.