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       ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-19

       Office Hours M-T-W-R 11-11.50 a.m. or by appointment



  • Span 101: First Year Spanish I
  • Span 317: Spanish for Heritage/Bilingual Speakers I
  • Span 485: Introduction to Translation and Interpreting in Spanish/English



  • Span 102: First Year Spanish II
  • Span 318: Spanish for Heritage/Bilingual Speakers II
  • Span 486: Spanish Language Translation Practicum



  • Span-103: Frist Year Spanish III
  • Span-303: Third Year Spanish III
  • Span-320: Business Spanish





     Over the past twelve years, I have taught a wide range of courses in both Spanish and English at several institutions including private school languages in England, and higher education at the University of Cádiz in Spain, and Amherst College and the University of Kentucky in the United States.

     I am currently an ntt Assistant Professor of Spanish at Western Oregon University, where I teach a broad repertoire, including all levels of Spanish language and culture, applied Spanish, Business Spanish, Introduction to Translation and Interpreting, Spanish for Heritage Speakers, and Hispanic Literature.